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Jana is an extremely hard worker and is a very knowledgeable attorney. I recommend her to everyone who is seeking an attorney.” – Chris Dugan, Chris Dugan’s Motivational Speaking

Jana Weltzin is, by far, the most knowledgeable and effective Cannabis business attorney in the state of Alaska.” – Leif Abel, Co-Owner of Great Land Ganja

Jana Weltzin is a positive and instrumental part of this growing industry. Her education and experience in cannabis is necessary for our growing, up-coming cannabis business. She is strong, tenacious and motivated. She is not only our attorney, we consider her a friend and are so grateful for all she does.” – R.C. Tinderbox

Jana is a breath of fresh air when it comes to our legal needs. We are beyond blessed to find a lawyer that is real with us about the legal climate we operate in. She takes initiative and acts with tenacity when attending to our legal matters. I would recommend Jana to anyone that wants a no nonsense lawyer with great experience who will work hard for you!” – Sara Williams, CEO, Midnight Greenery

Within a few minutes of our first meeting with Jana Weltzin, we could see that her knowledge of national cannabis markets, particularly in Alaska, is immense. Jana has worked hard to understand the complexities and nuances of this burgeoning industry. She is focused, well-versed, and has a fiduciary responsibility for her clients that we appreciate. We would not be able to move forward with our business objectives without her.” – Owners of Enlighten Alaska

As an activist, idealist, and marijuana professional, I have never been more pleased with the performance and depth of interest in our business that our legal counsel Jana Weltzin has produced and expressed. Jana is not a detached legal opinion to be relied on from time to time. She is an enthusiastic part of our team. She has helped to implement our industry and she is vested in her clients success.” – Frank Berardi

Ms. Weltzin has proven herself to be an efficient, effective and team focused proponent of the legal marijuana industry. Her expertise has been invaluable for both the successful implementation of Alaska’s new industry as well as the success of her clients. Ms. Weltzin is the foremost authority on marijuana law in Alaska.” – Brandon Emmett, Founder of Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Legislation

In my experience, Jana Weltzin is personable and professional in everything she does, both for the statewide industry as well as for individual clients. She doesn’t try to make you fit into a typical business plan. Instead, she helps you hone your dream to fit the available situation and overcome the inevitable hurdles with creativity and integrity. I wouldn’t work with anyone else.” – Kim Kole

I have had the good fortune of working closely with Jana over the last couple of years on a variety of political and entrepreneurial efforts. If you are looking for legal assistance in the cannabis industry in Alaska, she is without question the bulldog you want in your corner.

Anyone considering investments in the industry will understand the critical importance of having competent legal assistance. Many lawyers in Alaska have tried to hop on board the “green rush” touting similar skills or services, but none have the same network or experience to help you succeed. You will not find a better legal partner in this state.” – Ian Laing


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