Movers & shakers: Attorney Jana Weltzin takes on Alaska

by Jeremy Kossen in Marijuana Examiner

Last January, Jana Weltzin, Esq. an Arizona-based attorney who specializes in cannabis regulatory law, predicted Alaska would experience the “same amazing spirit of economic excitement” that Arizona was experiencing. It appears as if Jana Weltzin’s prediction is coming to fruition.

Last February, thanks to a voter initiative passed in November 2014, possession, cultivation, and consumption of cannabis became legal. And, on November 20, 2015, in a 3-2 vote, the Alaska Marijuana Control Board (MCB) voted to allow patrons to consume cannabis at retail stores. If approved by Lt. Gov. Byron Mallot, it would make Alaska the first state in the country to allow consumption outside of “private spaces.” This is good news for Jana as she prepares to make a move back to her home state of Alaska.

Jana embodies the entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit of Alaska. Born and raised in Fairbanks, Jana plans to start her own firm in Alaska to represent cannabis entrepreneurs. Ambitious and visionary, Weltzin’s goal is to be known as a dream-maker who helps aspiring entrepreneurs turn their ideas into a reality: “Far too often we get stuck in the cycle of talking about what we want to do, could have done, or should’ve pursued – I never want my clients to feel like their dreams are just that dreams.” Weltzin continues, “I will be known as the lawyer and business advisor that not only helps create the vision but is also the driving force to execute the plan to make the vision a reality.” READ MORE