Changes set in motion for Alaska’s cannabis industry

by Jana Weltzin in Marijuana Venture Magazine

Photo by Copper River Salmon Marketing.

The July 2017 Alaska Marijuana Control Board meeting held in Fairbanks was an extended three-day long meeting. Industry participants came from across the state to attend.

Unfortunately, the state provided a small conference room for the meeting, which could comfortably seat about 40 people, which was far less room than needed to seat the 100-plus people who came to participate in the public process. Many camped out in the hallway to listen and provide testimony, others found spots on the floor or unused tables. For the startup of a new industry, one would think the state would find it beneficial to have such an interactive and interested industry showing up to the three-day long meeting that it would figure a way out to accommodate such a crowd. And yet, despite the meeting being heavy in proposed regulations that would affect the everyday business operations of the new marijuana licensees, the small room was all the state could scrounge up for all three days.

Continue reading for a list of regulator projects that were addressed at the meeting and a summation of actions on each, including the infamous onsite consumption.