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Cannabis industry latest to be tangled in Anchorage permitting code

by DJ Summers in Alaska Journal of Commerce Brian Coyle thought his marijuana lab, AK Green Labs, would open last September. Nobody told him he needed a “change of use,” or a “nonconforming determination,” or that he would have to solve a spatial Rubik’s cube of parking space on his property — parking spaces over […]

Alaska: One step forward, two steps back by Jana Weltzin in Marijuana Venture

Alaska’s adult use marijuana program is moving along slowly, carefully and with the expected amount of drama and setbacks. Over the four years I’ve been involved in the commercial marijuana industry, one theme has remained constant in every state: the cannabis movement always takes one step forward and two steps back. But on Oct. 4, […]

Budding Industry: Mo Municipality, Mo Problems: Part 2

by Whitney Branshaw in Anchorage Press What exactly is it about the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) process that is holding marijuana business up? After some very in-depth research and many upset phone calls, it seems to be that the Title 21 Land Use Code is the root of the issue. Title 21 comes from years […]

Anchorage zoning laws force cannabis shops to cluster

by DJ Summers in Alaska Journal of Commerce Legal cannabis sales are about to happen in Alaska, maybe even within the week. Flower and bud and wax and shatter won’t have a wide city network to start, though. The municipal process takes time and has already backfired, as Anchorage residents object to the denseness of pot […]

Rift forms over Anchorage Assembly member’s participation in marijuana votes, Jana Weltzin urges Assembly to reconsider

by Devin Kelly in Alaska Dispatch News Members of the Anchorage Assembly and the nascent marijuana industry are grappling over whether Assemblyman Patrick Flynn, the only representative from downtown on the body, should sit out votes on marijuana licenses when he is himself an investor in a marijuana startup. Flynn, a part-owner in a company applying to grow commercial […]

Alaska grants licenses, but not without controversy – by Jana Weltzin in Marijuana Venture Magazine

Tribal leaders should take caution before driving into industry by Jana Weltzin | Marijuana Venture Magazine The Last Frontier’s cannabis industry is chugging right along. On June 10, the Alaska Marijuana Board made history by approving the state’s first commercial marijuana business licenses. The meeting was packed with energy from local and state officials, applicants […]

Commercial Weed in the Last Frontier – Update from Alaska

by Jana Weltzin in Konsider The Last Frontier is chugging right along and as of Friday, June 10, 2016, the Alaska Marijuana Control Board(“MCB”) reviewed and made Alaska history by approving the State’s first ever commercial marijuana establishment licenses.  Starting on Thursday. June 9th, 2016, the Board tackled its three-page agenda, which included regulatory updates, […]

Konsider Interviews – Episode 10: Jana Weltzin of JDW Counsel

Konsider is dedicated to expanding cannabis perspective by talking with entrepreneurs to discuss business and social issues in the industry. Listen to Jana Weltzin on Konsider Interviews with Heru Asar Ra. LISTEN

Jana Weltzin Named Of Counsel to Hoban & Feola, LLC to Service Clients in Alaska and Arizona

Check out her bio on Hoban & Feola, LLC’s website!

Identity matters: Will Alaska’s cannabis entrepreneurs sell ‘marijuana,’ ‘ganja’ or ‘pot’? Jana Weltzin discusses

by Annie Zak in Alaska Dispatch News More than two years ago, Leif Abel sat around a table with his brother and his father and a list of about 50 possible names for the marijuana cultivation business they wanted to start in Kasilof. After considering whether to take on an image that clearly sends a message about […]

RT @MarkSpringer: Well as of today my term on the Marijuana Control Board has ended. I want to thank all the AMCO staff for making the job…