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Boulder on the inside: a pot lawyer grows up fast

by Zachariah Hughes in Alaska Public Media It’s a tricky time for commercial cannabis in Alaska. Stores around the state are beginning to open, but without enough product available to keep shelves stocked for more than a few hours. The state’s largest market, Anchorage, is seeing delays for businesses because of complicated zoning regulations. And there […]

Budding Industry: We have a problem

by Whitney Branshaw in Anchorage Press We have a big fucking problem, people. The problem is that we now tabled the option of having the opportunity to have onsite consumption at retail locations here in Alaska, as a direct result of “formatting failures by AMCO staff that resulted in deficient public notice.” Please note: Director […]

Cannabis industry latest to be tangled in Anchorage permitting code

by DJ Summers in Alaska Journal of Commerce Brian Coyle thought his marijuana lab, AK Green Labs, would open last September. Nobody told him he needed a “change of use,” or a “nonconforming determination,” or that he would have to solve a spatial Rubik’s cube of parking space on his property — parking spaces over […]

Alaska: One step forward, two steps back by Jana Weltzin in Marijuana Venture

Alaska’s adult use marijuana program is moving along slowly, carefully and with the expected amount of drama and setbacks. Over the four years I’ve been involved in the commercial marijuana industry, one theme has remained constant in every state: the cannabis movement always takes one step forward and two steps back. But on Oct. 4, […]

Budding Industry: Mo Municipality, Mo Problems: Part 2

by Whitney Branshaw in Anchorage Press What exactly is it about the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) process that is holding marijuana business up? After some very in-depth research and many upset phone calls, it seems to be that the Title 21 Land Use Code is the root of the issue. Title 21 comes from years […]

Anchorage zoning laws force cannabis shops to cluster

by DJ Summers in Alaska Journal of Commerce Legal cannabis sales are about to happen in Alaska, maybe even within the week. Flower and bud and wax and shatter won’t have a wide city network to start, though. The municipal process takes time and has already backfired, as Anchorage residents object to the denseness of pot […]

Alaska Will Have Legal Marijuana for Sale by February 2017

by Duke London in It’s been nearly two years since Alaska legalized marijuana for recreational use, but residents still can’t buy the plant legally. In an Anchorage meeting between the House and Senate Judiciary committees, the state’s chief marijuana regulator expressed optimism that dispensaries would finally be open by next February. “I believe that […]

Marijuana industry advocates criticize slowness of regulation

by Andrew Kitchenman in Alasaka Public Media Alaska’s top marijuana regulator said pot will be on sale by February. But industry advocates expressed frustration Wednesday that it’s taken nearly two years since voters approved the sales. And legislators say they’d like to see the state allow marijuana consumption in private clubs. Some lawmakers would also […]

Unresolved legal issues, bans still loom for cannabis industry

by DJ Summers in Alaska Journal of Commerce Courts, cops, lawyers and the Legislature are each holding one piece of the Alaska cannabis puzzle that doesn’t yet fit together. The industry is partially divided over how to deal with a rash of unlicensed pot shops, which touches on high-profile drug distribution cases the state has pursued since […]

Budding Industry

by Whitney Branshaw in Anchorage Press It’s June 9, 2016 and I’m sitting in on the Marijuana Control Board Meeting. The first licenses are about to be granted for testing facilities and the first wave of commercial cultivation of cannabis in our great state is upon us. (We’re about to make history, people. The shit […]

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