Boulder on the inside: a pot lawyer grows up fast

by Zachariah Hughes in Alaska Public Media

Jana Weltzin

Jana Weltzin at her midtown Anchorage office. (Photo: Zahariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media – Anchorage)

It’s a tricky time for commercial cannabis in Alaska. Stores around the state are beginning to open, but without enough product available to keep shelves stocked for more than a few hours. The state’s largest market, Anchorage, is seeing delays for businesses because of complicated zoning regulations. And there are concerns that a Justice Department under Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) may reverse tolerant federal guidelines that have let state’s develop marijuana industries.

At the center of all this is an emerging legal niche: pot lawyers.

On the wall of her midtown office, Jana Weltzin showed off two framed abstract pictures made by her high school best friend.

“It’s actually wax,” Weltzin said of one titled ‘Breathe in and Out.’ “I’m not supposed to touch, but I touch it.”

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