» Alaska Will Have Legal Marijuana for Sale by February 2017

Alaska Will Have Legal Marijuana for Sale by February 2017

It’s been nearly two years since Alaska legalized marijuana for recreational use, but residents still can’t buy the plant legally. In an Anchorage meeting between the House and Senate Judiciary committees, the state’s chief marijuana regulator expressed optimism that dispensaries would finally be open by next February.

“I believe that by the time we arrive at February of 2017, we will have stores that are operating; we will have product manufacturers that are making products, which have been individually approved by this board – which is a tremendous amount of work; we will have testing facilities that are testing; and we will have a lot of cultivation facilities growing a lot of legal marijuana in Alaska,” said Cynthia Franklin, Director of Alaska’s Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office.

Proponents of the Alaskan cannabis industry have expressed immense dissatisfaction at how long the process has taken. Attorney Jana Weltzin, who represents various clients who own marijuana-related businesses in the state, explained why the lengthy wait has put a strain on finances for the entrepreneurs.

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