Marijuana Venture Magazine’s 8 stories that helped shape the cannabis industry in 2015 – Jana Weltzin as 3

by Garrett Rudolph and Patrick Wagner | Marijuana Venture Magazine

Alaska has gone back and forth between being a trendsetter in the cannabis industry and stalling the developing industry’s growth with heavy-handed restrictions. While the state has yet to begin accepting applications for licenses, the Marijuana Control Board surprisingly voted to allow some retailers to permit on-site consumption, in a similar manner as the cannabis cafes that are popular in Amsterdam.

Alaska would be the first place with state-sanctioned cannabis cafes, opening an entirely new angle for business owners looking to make their mark in the marijuana industry.

The amendment also “removed the prohibition on consumption locations that allow for people to come and bring their own product to consume in the location because the board doesn’t have regulatory authority over a business that does not sell cannabis,” attorney Jana Weltzin wrote in an email to Marijuana Venture. “The board neither approved nor rejected this concept — it just noted it cannot ban this type of business model because it is not a licensed activity through the board.”

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